Anniversary of the company is a holiday both for the employees and for the management. Given that the most of our time we spend at work in a social circle of our colleagues. So when the time comes up to a memorable day - anniversary of the company – one certainly gets an overwhelming desire to celebrate this event as that would be something to remember until the next year.
We are suggesting you to celebrate this event at the the Bakinskiy Bulvar. Format of the holiday is up to you.
This can be ether a light buffet with soft music playing on the background and the evening spent in a company of your colleagues.
Or this can be a banquet with a traditional tableful, live performances, singing gypsies, contests and jokes from the host, dancing and fireworks.
For outdoor enthusiasts and longing for fresh air, sun and water we are offering reposal on the lawn in a pine forest. One can enjoy both plenty of tasty food from the restaurant menu and freshen up with a glass of beer poured straight from the barrel right in front of you, and also play badminton, rest in a hammock, feed the birds.
Also a musical background may be in the form of a concert, which takes place on the stage constructed directly on the lawn.