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Anniversary of the company is a holiday both for the employees and for the management. Given that the most of our time we spend at work in a social circle of our colleagues
You are in love and realize that you want to share your life with this person. And you want to make a gift to your beloved one of the solemn celebration of a wedding, but before that there is no less important and exciting event - a marriage proposal.
This is the day that we have always loved and looked forward to since childhood even despite the growing up and any kinds of life situations. Birthday is an event that gives us the anticipation of something magical, funny, joyful, full of surprises and gifts.


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1. Animators

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Reception of foreign guests is always a very important moment. It is desirable both to treat the guests with national hospitality and to show all the hallmarks of Kiev. Historically, we used to be one large state - the Soviet Union, so guests from other countries entering Ukraine expect to see all the delights of other former Soviet republics.

When guests have roamed around Kiev to their heart’s content, visited all the historical places, tried all national dishes, it's time to go to the countryside and visit the Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant because it is unacceptable to let the guests home without having treated them with tasty kebabs. The interior of the restaurant will take you into the atmosphere of the East with the Sultan tents – trestle-beds, tandoor, hookahs. Nature in its variety and beauty will please the eye even of the most sophisticated traveler. A range and unsurpassed taste of food and drinks will impress any gourmet. Hospitable administrators will gladly give a tour around the restaurant; will tell the legend of the Maiden Tower - whose miniature copy decorates the interior, will show the petting zoo and all the nooks of paved boulevard.
And on return the visitor would tell that he visited extremely hospitable Ukraine, such diverse and multinational.
Please take into account particularly the reception of guests from Eastern, Arab and Caucasian countries!
Reception etiquette for these guests is dictated mainly by rules of Islam that prevails in these countries.
Some food restrictions are common among the citizens of these countries, particularly: pork, blood and alcohol. The main products that such guests consume are lamb, chevon, poultry, beans, rice, fresh pickled vegetables, lots of greens and spices, a significant place is occupied by dairy products dishes, especially cheese, and the most popular among which is sheep cheese. Preferred way of meal preparation is an open fire cooking - grill, spit, as well as in the tandoor and Turkish oven.
The Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant is pleased to offer meeting the guests from the East and the organization of meals in accordance with all the national features, culinary subtleties, including the cooking of "halal" meat (permissible for consumption according to the Islamic tradition). And in case if your stay in the restaurant coincides with a time of prayer, always happy to offer a place to honour and pray, facing the sacred altar in Mecca.
By visiting the Bakinskiy Bulvar every foreign guest will be satisfied to discover new interesting spot and to enjoy the oriental delights.
The Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant invites you!

We are offering to combine business with leisure and to hold a conference, presentation, negotiation, business meeting with comfort, pleasant appetizer, coffee break with a walk on fresh air and nutritious lunch.
For example, the event may begin in oriental hall, for coffee breaks the participants may move from indoors to picturesque alley with the buffet table, and may have lunch and dinner on the soft sofas in the cozy hookah room.
If the transportation is required, our restaurant may transport your dear guests by Mercedes minibus.
The Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant will organize everything in the best hospitable traditions!

For banquets and buffets the Bakinskiy Bulvar may offer such options for placement:
The ceremonial ballroom:
for banquet - 100 people
for buffet - 150 people
Comfortable hookah room:
for banquet - 70 people
for buffet - 100 people
Outdoor oriental hall:
for banquet - 50
for buffet - 70 people
Summer terraces with capacity of 150-200 people
You will be welcomed by the menu assortment consisting of more than a hundred of dishes and snacks. The restaurant in all its richness is represented by Azerbaijani cuisine, complimented by the finest dishes of Turkish, Georgian and other Asian cuisines. You may try plenty of eastern cold appetizers, try a variety of true meat and fish kebabs, try more than 20 kinds of jam, and quench the thirst by the world’s best drinks and drinks of our own preparation - herbal tea, fruit sorbets (compote, uzvar).
A beautiful supplement to the banquet will be such show-dishes as Shah-pilaf, Royal meat and captivating performances of belly-dancers. The oriental tunes will be accompanied by a fruit tree; chocolate fountains will please any sweet tooth.
Abundance of goodies and entertainment gives you the opportunity to choose the ones to please you and your guests. But if you have any additional requests, then administrators and chefs are always happy to fulfill your wishes.
Our experienced administrators always compose a complete and corresponding menu for the event, assist you in organizing and choosing the best appropriate entertainment program, floristic hall design and implementing extraordinary ideas.
Also the Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant will assist in transporting visitors to the event and after its completion back home by Mercedes 18-seated minibus and in the delivery of large heavy objects.
Always happy to please our dear guests!

Ukraine, Kyiv, 28 km of Novaya Obukhovskaya route
Phone number:
(067) 246-07-04
(044) 585-15-96
(044) 223-34-33
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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