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Anniversary of the company is a holiday both for the employees and for the management. Given that the most of our time we spend at work in a social circle of our colleagues
You are in love and realize that you want to share your life with this person. And you want to make a gift to your beloved one of the solemn celebration of a wedding, but before that there is no less important and exciting event - a marriage proposal.
This is the day that we have always loved and looked forward to since childhood even despite the growing up and any kinds of life situations. Birthday is an event that gives us the anticipation of something magical, funny, joyful, full of surprises and gifts.

Dear guests,

It’s an honour for me to welcome You at the Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant

You being dragged into a routine by working days where the key concepts are "it is necessary" and "it is required", and such thoughts as "I want" and "I like" fade on the background. But You shall not forget that there is only one life and it is still wonderful and so versatile.

I kindly invite you to the cozy nook, where we have tried and created an atmosphere of comfort, naturalness and home comfort with the spicy notes of the East in order for you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and work, boost your energy and enjoy all the tasty food of our cuisine.

We would sincerely like to foresee and take into account all the desires of our guests. Therefore, we are continuously working on updating our interior, menu and quality of services.

I will be deeply grateful for the dialogue and I am encouraging You to express Your opinion about all the alterations and the work of the Bakinskiy Bulvar Restaurant.

I would be honoured to hear your assessment!